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current passings

crafty, yarn
Well as the summer TV season comes to a close I am catching up on my SciFy shows OMG Torchwood did not see that one coming. The kiddo has given up on Eureka she thinks it got too trippy and confusing this year with the time skip and brain jack. I was able to help a friend with a home dec type project. My girl and I had gone to the White Elephant (our Salvation Army type re-sale store) and picked up a purple sheet and silver pillow cases. We were going to do a simple plain stipe at the top curtain. We later went to SAS Fabrics and picked up purple taffeta with black velvet flocked pattern on it. So I created a semi black-out curtain and she was in teenager sleep-in late heavan. So We did something similar for my friend. This time on a larger scale. King size sheet, 4 yards fabric - this time read backing with black flocked zevra stripes. It was down to the wire last night but I finished it while chatting at the kitchen/sewing table. Love,lovelove the end result. OMG my head hurts.
I think that is all for today.

Aug. 10th, 2011

"I say the science isn't in on thermodynamics. I believe water boils because it's scared of fire and is trying to jump out of the pot." -- Stephen Colbert


movies, skulls and baked goods

my head has been spinning or pounding, throbbing and screaming. Today I had the great pleasure of feeling as though my head was on a carousel with intermittent shots of pain. So as a distraction I have taken to romantic films. Not limited to romantic comedies, I am now infatuated with Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy in the 2006 production of Pride & Prejudice. In the past 3 days I have put it on no less that four times.
That and a gift from my mother a shiny, glittery, diamond studded skull that now sits atop my printer, looking beyond me towards my cork board. I feel he needs a gold tooth, But that may detract from his silver-ness.
We have appointments that must be gone to, we begin the orthodontia process Wednesday. My girl went over to a friends tonight. Got out of the house and rode her bike for the first time in I can't recall how long.
As I sit at my computer when the air kicks on I have a scented candle - Fresh Baked Candle in Pound Cake, the combination of vanilla and I don't kow what give me a wave of calming as I try to keep from dwelling on my head. My girl wanted to bake cookies, I am not up for doing it from scratch so I picked up a log of dough. It reminds me of the depressed days more than a decade ago when I would eat half a tube in the dark. That was a long long time ago. An entire lifetime from where I am now.

So as I said before I am posting. Some locked others not, but trying to put a little something up here periodically.


movie night

My girl and I have been watching the Harry Potter films in preparation to see the new movie. I have years 1-6 on DVD so Monday night we are going to rent year 7 part1 to watch. I am hoping we can get a chance to see it next week. I have some credit on a gift card for Harkins, but I also have coupons for free snacks at the Desert Sky theater near us.
We just saw Year 6 The Half-Blood Prince, had the window sahdes closed and the lights off until the part when the zombies come out of the water. Both of us nearly jumped off the couch. Even though we had both seen the film before it caught us just so. So the lights went on.

Thats all I know. And the headaches are continuing. The meds are not much of a help. Glad to have my appointment. It is getting closer day by day, less than 2 weeks to go now. Week and a half.

School will be starting soon so I will have a bit of me time again in the mornings. Between getting my girl off to school and when the hubby gets home from work. Things are slow in the casino world right now. I have cooked food from the cupboard every night this week. I think he would ahve prefered a pick-up from somewhere but he has left that decision up to me. So be it..
Alrighty back to the chick flick and dozing on the couch, maybe off to bed.

The next part

Work had been rather tedious. When I am feeling well enough to go. There are some people you want to reach through the phone and shake and ask them if they really feel so entitled then why not buy a new (insert applinace here) and shut up. Or do as they say they will and throw it through the store window. Sure go right ahead, see what that gets you. Not a darn thing.

On other work fronts, both engineers are on vacation for parts of July. With the summer season underway at the casino we will be a bit snug. This is also the month that the kiddo gets her braces. The grandmothers have been helping to save the downpayment so I am happy I don't have ot sign up for some sort of credit card (not that with my credit I could) or weird insurance program to pay for them. he monthly payments are doable (most of the time) so we can get that chapter started. She turned 13 years old the begining of June. I think back and can't believe it has been so long. Then i just looks at some of the twists and turns I have come to with her in my lif.e I would want to change a thing.

I keep getting interrupted so this is it for now.

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crafty, yarn
I love yarn, I love free stuff why not free yarn!!

On this blog she is giving away free YOSPUN handspun yarn from Etsy. Love Etsy gotten lots of loveliness there. Check it out and submit for a free skein. You can win if you don't play!



I got hooked on the show Dexter and through facebook found this link for a contest to win 1 of 6 prize packs. I figured why not share it.


For Realz

My spam folder had a message labeled :COCKZILLA is the word.

I don't htink it is any relation to - The bird is the word. Do you?


What's up

I have been trudging along with work and sleeping when ever possible because I am working till all hours on the computer most nights. I think on Saturday night I slept for nearly 11 hours. Very unusual. Some times I would sleep normal 6ish hours if I was lucky, then maybe a nap. But this weekend I did both.
The kiddo had a Robotics competition last weekend. Her team won! If they had enough money they would go to nationals in Orlando,FL. You notice the if in that statement. So the win was bittersweet for the kids. The won, but they can't go on to compete. Apparently there is an admissions fee as well as travel, room and board. etc..
She was also invited into the Junior Honor Society, basically she is a smart cookie. She picked up the application info today after school and got an extra copy so she can write things in and scribble it out till it looks good. Then in ink fill out the alternate form.
I had been doing crafty stuff then I was burned out. I ahve two girl baby sets to make of hats a booties for some folks at work. I just am not motivated. I have however been working on sewing projects. Oh the horror... My step-mother gave us a handmade quilted runner for Christmas (that is still on our dining table as decoration) and shortly after that the kiddo and I went to the White Elephant sale. I got a pattern for a buck and it sat on my desk daring me to make it. So I did succumb to its' desire and worked on it on the nights the hubby was doing his show. I told him I was going to make a quilt and it would be done by the end of the run. He of course thought bed size. I had a 34"x34" square in mind.
I did succeed in completing the sewing of the project. I did take another couple of evenings to attach the loops to hang it on the wall. I took it into work yesterday and got much praise for the project. It is officially my second quilted projec.t The first I made more than 5 years ago on a holiday trip to visit my father, step-mother and the family. I am oging to use that technique in my next quilty project. It is an iron on grid. You cut out squares of fabric iron them on then stich on the grid lines. Looks much more impressive to imagine you stiched each tiny little square to the next. This one is going to be a calavera. Seems that my projects have a theme. Skulls. The background of the first one was tiny skulls and confetti with mandalla flowers and a calavera in the center with rainbow colored ribbons exploding around it. I have a third in mind that will have the skulls on the abckside. And the hubby has put in a request for a pirate flag. I have pirate skull fabric for that backside thanks to Awesome sale and free shipping.
Looks like the sewing machine will be living on the breakfast/kitchen table. Our island is the perfect height to cut fabric and using coupons I have a cutting mat and roller cutter. I have been a collecter of particular fabrics and I just may use them.
I am also thinking about making steering wheel covers with extra fabric and selling them. Maybe use the smaller scraps to make fourtune cookies. That is if I enjoy doing it. If I dont have fun it wont get done.
The hubby has been awesome. He and the kiddo did housework while I was at work on Thursday. Kitchen, bathrooms and floors. WOW!! I was so happy. I kept looking at things and the times I looked I would have woken people up if I took on those tasks myself.
Well on that note I ahve more work to do. Just wanted to do a bit of an update. I have been taking advantage of the link within the yahoo mail front page to do quick mini posts to the FB, Twitter and Yahoo. Here I can pour it all out. No limitation on the number of characters.. Mwah!


crafty, yarn

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